A good cigar smoker is an educated cigar smoker.

To gain maximum enjoyment from a fine cigar, we feel there are considerations to be made. Our cigar events provide the perfect opportunity to become a more educated cigar smoker. 

The first question you may want to ask is do you want a mild, medium or full body cigar? From there, cigar blends can vary and each cigar takes on a unique taste of its own.

Tobacco leafs take time to grow and age. Then the skilled artisans who are needed to manufacture fine cigars take years to perfect their craft. From seedling to finished product takes a minimum of 4 years for a premium cigar. The longer the tobacco is aged, the more flavor and complexity is present.

Once you have determined your desired strength, you can narrow down the different regions where cigars are made. Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua are the three major areas where most cigars in the US market come from.

Deciding what type of cigar you are looking for can range from the time of day, to what you had to eat, to what you plan to drink with the cigar.

Our cigar events are a great opportunity to learn more about fine cigars from the experienced professionals in the cigar manufacturing industry.

Eric Newman president of J.C. Newman visits Rivermen Cigars

Eric Newman, President of J.C. Newman stopped by to visit with our Wednesday Group. Eric updated us on the latest FDA rulings and also the recent civil unrest in Nicaragua and how these two independent events were impacting the cigar industry.

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